Samsung Chief Strategy Officer is an Apple user


It all just works together. Ask any Apple user why they prefer its ecosystem compared to others and they’ll probably give you a variation of that answer. It seems that even one of Apple’s fiercest rivals sees this, as revealed by an interview with MIT Technology Review. Samsung’s very own Chief Strategy Officer, Young Sohn, is actually an Apple user.

OK, so think about Apple compared to Samsung. I use a Mac, actually, at home. I’ve always used Mac, an iPhone, and an iPad. I also have the Galaxy. So I’m a great example.

If you look at the strengths of Apple, in a way it’s not the product per se. It’s that consumers like their ecosystem such as iCloud. I like that my family 6,000 miles away in Korea is able to see my schedule and see all of my contacts and photos. It is sticky, but it is a proprietary architecture.

This doesn’t mean that he is purely an Apple user of course, he owns a Galaxy device and believes the Galaxy Nexus to be superior to the iPhone. But he cites Apple’s ecosystem and integration between devices as a convenience and critical aspect to the user experience. He also thinks that Samsung needs to move beyond its device-centric nature and employ an open ecosystem.

It’s great seeing competitors acknowledge the strengths of their rivals, and even go as far as admitting that they use the other’s devices on a personal basis. He’s even more honest than a lot of the fanboys posting on the Internet.

Mr. Young Sohn, good on ya.

[via MacRumors]

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