Twitter launches ‘Your Twitter Archive’, lets you download everything you’ve ever tweeted


According to The Verge, users are beginning to report that a new option labelled ‘Your Twitter Archive’ has shown up on the site’s settings page with a button to ‘Request your archive’. Users that request for their archive are then sent a link to a zip file that contains everything they’ve ever tweeted. The tweets are even organized by date, making it easier to search for specific tweets by date.





A spokesperson for Twitter has told The Verge that they are “currently testing the ability to download your tweets with a very small percentage of users.” A few commenters have also noted that a law in the EU requires them to do something like this. For now, it truly does appear to be extremely limited — everyone I contacted regarding the option doesn’t have it on their settings page yet, including me. But if you ever decide to leave the service, or a day comes that Twitter will no longer be around, you can rest assured that the company is taking measures so you can take all your precious tweets with you.

[via The Verge]

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  1. JMJ

    Tom is 100% right in flagging one potential downside to this new “helpful” facility, the very existence of which should remind everyone who just has to say to the world, “Hey! Look at me.”, to be very, very cautious. More than just wabbits may be listening.