Twitter launches ‘Your Twitter Archive’, lets you download everything you’ve ever tweeted


According to The Verge, users are beginning to report that a new option labelled ‘Your Twitter Archive’ has shown up on the site’s settings page with a button to ‘Request your archive’. Users that request for their archive are then sent a link to a zip file that contains everything they’ve ever tweeted. The tweets are even organized by date, making it easier to search for specific tweets by date.





A spokesperson for Twitter has told The Verge that they are “currently testing the ability to download your tweets with a very small percentage of users.” A few commenters have also noted that a law in the EU requires them to do something like this. For now, it truly does appear to be extremely limited — everyone I contacted regarding the option doesn’t have it on their settings page yet, including me. But if you ever decide to leave the service, or a day comes that Twitter will no longer be around, you can rest assured that the company is taking measures so you can take all your precious tweets with you.

[via The Verge]

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