Facebook may let strangers message you if they pay $1 per message


Facebook is testing a strange new feature with a small number of users in the US to determine if they’ll be willing to pay to message you. That’s right, a feature where strangers that aren’t on your contact list could potentially pay the amount of $1 to reach your inbox.

Most people you have no mutual friends with you have their messages sent to you end up in the “Other” folder, something that most people don’t even bother to check. This feature would let complete strangers reach your main inbox, so their messages would be front and center along with your real friends. Facebook would start with $1 and adjust the price accordingly. They also go on to note that you’ll only receive one paid message per week.

Before you start cursing Facebook for ruining your social media experience online, think about the potentially good uses this could have. It would certainly help make Facebook a better communication tool, as people that you need to message but for some reason aren’t friends with wouldn’t miss any important messages, like an invite to an event. The Verge also notes that the popular professional network LinkedIn doesn’t let you message people you’re not connected with either, but offers the ability to send messages to those people as part of its LinkedIn Premium service.

Do you think this is a good idea? Or another bad idea from Facebook?

[via The Verge, image via birgerking]

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  • Paul D

    Typical crass Facebook money-making idea. Absolutely bloody disgraceful.

  • Enrique

    @etim: I can get behind this! ;)

  • etim

    Hey F***book! I’ve got a better idea!

    How ’bout you send ME a dollar when I allow a stranger or spammer to post me?

    Your corporate rep couldn’t get much lower at this point–sending me some of your billions will only help your image–honest!

  • Enrique

    @Mike: Good points! I didn’t think of that. I agree!

  • Mike

    How do they plan to keep sexual predators from paying to contact young girls and boys? How do they keep an ex spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend from paying to harass or embarrass someone? Facebook is desperate to generate income. But, this is a bad way to do it!

  • Ashraf
  • chucklw

    Missed you today.
    Hopw all is ok.