BlackBerry 10 N-Series leaks, shows longer touchscreen paired with physical keyboard


Even if RIM’s BlackBerry 10 event is still around a month away from now, we’re now getting a look at the second phone designed to run their new operating system. The first was their full touchscreen device dubbed the L-Series, and now their more traditionally designed N-Series.

BlackBerry devices have always been known to have great keyboards, which is why some people swear by these phones and refuse to get an all-touchscreen Android or iPhone. RIM is playing to that strength with the N-Series as it features the same keyboard we’ve seen in their past devices, but in a new straight layout as opposed to the usually slightly curved keyboards. However, touch looks to be more important than ever in the upcoming BB 10 OS because even if this device has a physical keyboard, it’s still the longest screen we’ve ever seen on a BlackBerry phone yet — perfect for touch.

I have to say, the two upcoming phones from RIM are looking like really solid devices so far. Now we just have to find out if the OS is up to par.

[via The Verge, CrackBerry]

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