Apple and Foxconn’s efforts to improve factory working conditions are starting to show


Foxconn’s factories have long been criticized for poor working conditions, dragging its associated companies like Apple along with them. A New York Times report published a year ago detailed the poor conditions at Foxconn, and a follow-up report has revealed that things have improved since then.

In an effort to improve the labor conditions at the factories, a meeting with a “high-ranking” Apple official and “top executives” from Foxconn has resulted in increased wages and reduced work hours that are set to take effect this year. Other improvements include better chairs for workers, auto shut-off functionality for machinery to increase safety.

Foxconn manufactures products for many other companies besides Apple, and hopefully they’ll see the importance of proper and fair working conditions and make similar efforts — efforts that result in tangible improvements for all these workers.

[via The Verge]

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  • Ashraf

    @Mike: Would you like some fries with that?

  • Mike

    It is sad that a major advance is providing workers with decent chairs. Maybe, next, raisins can be added to the gruel in the cafeteria . . . .

  • Enrique

    @David Doney: The better chairs and improved safety functions on the machinery are improvements that have already taken effect.

  • David Doney

    Starting to take effect?

    Then they say all these things will start to happen later in the year.

    Dec 25th 2013.

    So what has actually improved for the workers as of now.

    Sounds like the same old promises we hear year after year to me

    Of course it would be nice if they were telling us when the promised US factory will be up and running
    I am sure that would be the good news we really want to here.