Polaroid Fotobar, a store just for printing your smartphone pictures


Polaroid has done some pretty questionable things in the past — like making Lady Gaga the face of their company, for example. It’s understandable given the situation of the company, which is way past its prime and is arguably now just a niche product in the photography market. It seems like they’ll be trying to carve out their own space once again with something they’re calling the “Polaroid Fotobar.”

The Polaroid Fotobar aims to be a place where you can not only shop for Polaroid products, but have the “classic Polaroid experience.” Apparently this means that you’ll be able to edit, add filters and then print pictures from devices like your smartphone or camera. They’ll also have “Phototenders” that can guide users, seemingly also adding to the experience they’re going for.

The first Polaroid Fotobar opens this February in Florida with more to follow across the US in 2013. Interestingly, it also opened as an online-only store back in October, where you can print photos from your smartphone or from services like Instagram.

I’ve seen dedicated places to print your smartphone pictures throughout Asia, and there were always people there. So maybe this might not be such a bad idea. Maybe.

What do you think? Is this just a waste of time and money? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Mike

    @Bruce Fraser: Absolutely correct–the “Polaroid” name/mark/brand was sold to the highest bidder when the Polaroid company went out of business, and otherwise has nothing to do with the technology-breaking company, apart from the new owner’s efforts to capitalize on the name, with blah success and lackluster efforts.

  • Bruce Fraser

    “Polaroid” is not the same company which Edwin Land was involved with when he invented the ingenious instant print camera.
    The original company is gone, and someone else simply bought the rights to use the name “Polaroid.”