Ubuntu for phones announced, first devices launching in 2014


The mobile OS market has a new challenger — Canonical has unveiled the mobile version of Ubuntu, with plans to launch devices in early 2014. Ubuntu for phones is “Mobile industry ready,” meaning it will be easy for Android makers to adapt the OS and run it on their Android devices.

This is made possible because the mobile Ubuntu OS uses the same kernel and drivers as Android, avoiding incompatibility issues an all-new OS would normally bring. It also touts “No java overhead,” as it doesn’t use a Java Virtual Machine — allowing it to use “the full power of the phone.” It will also support both ARM and x86 processors.

The PC-centric roots of Ubuntu are also intact here, because you’ll be able to dock your Ubuntu phones to a monitor, keyboard and mouse and gain a “full PC experience.” Motorola tried this before and failed, but hopefully because of it’s PC background, Ubuntu will be able to succeed.

If you’ve got a Galaxy Nexus, downloaded images of the OS will be made available in the next few weeks for developers — and if like me, you like what you saw on the videos, official devices should be here in 2014.¬†This is an exciting time for the mobile industry, because innovation and competition like this will only push to the current competitors to innovate as well.

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  • Gregor

    Oh noes! Google best watch out!!11 After having used the latest Ubuntu on my PC and fled from it, I do not see how Ubuntu on a phone could be usable, especially if they keep the Amazon garbage and whatever other ads in the phone version. Ubuntu’s UI is painfully slow (even on an i5) and obtuse. Canonical has some serious “innovating” to do before Ubuntu stops sucking. It used to be good. I doubt that Google, Apple, or even Microsoft have any concern here. I also highly doubt that Ubuntu on a phone is going to inspire anything but rage.

  • Ashraf

    @AFPhys: My prediction is Microsoft will beat them to the punch with convergence of Windows Phone and Windows 8

  • AFPhys

    My brother and I were discussing hitching up phone as work station/ full computer last week. Sounds like Android/Ubuntu will be accomplishing this very soon.