Apple bans game about the Syrian conflict from the App Store


Apple sometimes gets a lot of flak for what they deem can and cannot be on their App Store. Sometimes it’s understandable and sometimes it’s just downright head-scratchingly baffling.The news of a game that deals with the current conflict in Syria getting banned might fall somewhere around the middle, I think.

Auroch Digital’s Endgame Syria was “rejected by Apple’s approvals team for violating guidelines section 15.3”, which prohibits titles that are “solely target[ing] a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity”. Kotaku notes that a historical game about World War II was also banned — for using flags.

While not allowing any form of political expression or commentary on your platform is understandable if you want to avoid any issues, which is probably why Apple does it in the first place, it’s a little disappointing that mature takes on current matters that are important and more importantly educational and enlightening to some people won’t be allowed to see the light of day either.

Where do you fall on this matter? Do you think Apple should allow these sorts of apps on their store? Or is Apple making the right move by just not having them at all?

Tell us what you think in the comments!

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  • Rob (Down Under)

    “Don’t mention the war”
    John Cleese

  • Peter

    @Corno: generation of German youths
    Thank you! :)

  • Corno

    # Peter
    Typically the Pavlov reaction of the politically-correct new generation of German youths with a trauma of WO II.

  • Peter

    Well, I’m in the lucky situation to live in Germany. We had no war (in this country) for more than sixty years (unfortunately we sell weapons to almost anyone who pays (shame on us), and young soldiers die again far away from home). So – even when talking like a blind man about colours – I do not think that any war and/or cruelness is suitable to be subject of a game.

    I do not know if the above mentioned app targets one of the many parties involved in Syria’s civil war or some of them or all. Therefore I do not know if the ban (by sect. 15.3) is justified, but to ban a WW-II-‘game’ for using flags seems absurd to me.

  • Hamza

    I think that they are right, the app store isn’t a place for politics.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I believe that much of the internal tension/fighting in the middle east (Not talking about Israel), is racist (actually tribe’ist). There are residents in countries that have hatred of other tribal groups (in the same country) that go back generations. I believe the controlling group in Syria is a minority ‘tribe’ that is so hated.
    I don’t doubt that were drunk with power, and did not treat all the residents well, but I doubt that it warranted the full scale war that the ‘rebels’ are initiating.
    . .
    Mind you there are other interests participating, with an agenda to introduce extreme Islam. Which is complicating and inflaming the situation, big time.
    So I suppose I should extend my simplistic definition to read –
    Tribe’ist and Religious