Guess what? Hollywood studios illegally pirate movies, too


You know who really hates it when people pirate their movies? Hollywood studios. You know who else downloads pirated movies through BitTorrent? What do you know, Hollywood studios. It looks the entities that are thought to be suffering the most due to piracy are no stranger to downloading torrents themselves.

New data courtesy of TorrentFreak has revealed that employees in Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Disney, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox are all openly downloading movies, games and other media while at work — illegally. Let’s take a look at some of the offenders below and their specific acts of piracy.

Paramount Pictures


There are some interesting tidbits in all this data. The first of which is the fact that an indie is being downloaded. Really, Paramount? Are you not ashamed of downloading an indie movie in Battle Force?

Warner Bros


Just one thing, Warner Bros movie pirating employee, just one. AssHoleFever? Enough said, I think.

20th Century Fox


It looks 20th Century Fox had the least amount of pirated content. But again, another independent film?

Karma? Arrogance? Hypocrisy? I don’t know. However, as TorrentFreak points out, the MPAA definitely has a lot of work to do in regards to fighting piracy — but they might want to start from within, first.

[via TorrentFreak, image via Mats Haugen]

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  • Diablo135


    It’s their stuff tho isn’t it? They can do what they want

  • floydwil

    Piracy is going to happen no matter how they control the less informed mass. Piracy is a rate control on the studios to not charge outrageous prices for the art they produce. Sure it would be nice to have a monopoly on your craft and make people pay whatever they ask for it. Yet still make as many copies for themselves to have at no cost. I have myself seen copies of movies that I later went out and bought because I wanted to see a high quality version of the movie, that was worth owning.

  • Alan

    Good news for Paramount – I don’t think the publishers of the book about woodworking are likely to sue.

    Bad news for the Warner employee who downloaded the adult movie, though…

    I think it’s about time we got Ashraf to run the studios and the MPAA instead of the bigwigs currently in charge. : )

  • Enrique

    @naveed: Ha, that would be pretty clever :) But unfortunately the stuff they’re downloading says otherwise. Haha.

  • Enrique

    @Mike: You’re most likely right. We really have no way of knowing the details to be sure anyway. Haha. But Ashraf nailed it!

  • They’re just seeding the movies to catch pirates. ;)

  • Ashraf

    @Mike: In my opinion, it doesn’t matter who within the organization is doing it. It is a matter of cleaning your own house before telling others.

  • Mike

    @Enrique: You’re right, if it’s the policy-makers/monitors who are doing the pirating, or if this is at the direction of the studios. But my guess is, this is being done my mere mortals on their own time (or time taken from employment at the studios in which to do this) . . . .

  • Enrique

    @Mike: But that doesn’t make double standards okay.

  • Mike

    Companies are made of people. And guess what? People, including at the studios, pirate.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Bah. Anti-piracy laws are only for us peons, not for the movie studios or the people who work for them. As Darcy said, kinda the Congress looks at laws.

  • Hypocrisy indeed. Who do they think they are? Government?