[Windows 8] Cumulo integrates Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Sugarsync into one app

Screenshot.66753.1000006Cumulo allows integrating different cloud services, such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, and SugarSync in a single and unified view. This app is very useful for people who have accounts across many different services. Cumulo is a unique app providing a game changing service.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Cumulo is an app which integrates all your cloud storage services into a unified and simple view.


  • Integrates DropBox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, and SugarSync into a unified view — download/upload files
  • Provides a transfer manager to download and upload files to all registered storages
  • Play video and audio files directly from the application
  • Combine photos from different providers and view them in a slideshow
  • Open a file using the browser
  • Take photos and videos directly from the app and upload them to any provider


  • Shows all storage under one folder as opposed to separate folders for each account
  • The integration with Box is faulty
  • Ad supported
  • You can’t download whole folders


Screenshot.66753.1000000Cumulo makes me feel like I have one big hard drive on the internet. All my fragmented cloud storage under one folder. What makes the app more awesome is it is one of the few app which provide this service. Well, to begin with it provides integration of Dropbox, SugarSync, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Box in a unified view.

It provides a transfer manager to download and upload all files, and it has an option to open the files in a browser. Using a lot of cloud services, one of the main problems one would come across is the many folders and duplicate directories that are created across. This clears all that problems.

Also, you can directly open and play files from the app itself. You can also combine the images from all your different services and view them in a slide show. And a very useful feature is taking of photographs directly from the app itself and uploading it. Also, the usual features like sharing and searching via the charms bar is also available.

The app makes a single root directory for all drives. Instead of this if they made a separate one for each drive organization would be easy to use. Also, I had problems while using my Box account, I guess there are a few bugs that need to be ironed out.

The app is ad supported and at times it does get irritating. And in the end an option to download folders would have been great.

Conclusion and download link

Cumulo is a great app for all users who have their digital storage fragmented over the cloud. Its integration is pretty strong and supports all the major players in the game. Productivity rates are bound to shoot up after downloading. The app has a few cons but you can ignore them as they really don’t come in the way of working of the app. In the end it is a great app to download.

Price: Free

Supported OS: Windows 8, Windows RT

Supported architectures: x86, x64, ARM

Cumulo on Windows Store

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  • Syntax4Sinners

    @Varun try CarrotDav

    Works in W7 (x64 too)not W8
    Very efficient at logging into all your Storage from one place.
    Free and Portable too

  • Marshall

    What a great app to integrate all my files and folders at one single place! I hope it integrates GroupDocs as well in its list of cloud solutions since I use it quite a lot and with Dropbox integration, it lets me access my documents and files while working on those at the same time. You should review this integration too and check if it can work with the Cumulo platform. For details on Dropbox integration with GroupDocs, click:


  • @Tom: The developers promise more updates bringing in more features..

  • @kevbo:

    Glad to know you liked it. I am sorry but I am not aware of any services which provides similar services for Windows 7.

  • Tom

    Interesting, but too limited. Needs support for so many more providers.

  • Col. Panek

    “Game Changing”. Tiddly Winks to 52 Pickup?

    An interesting move by our friends in Redmond. You have to have windows 8 to even download an app.

  • kevbo

    Thanks for the review, Varun. Are you aware of any similar software for a Windows 7 machine?