Volvo’s new ‘Collision Warning with Emergency Brake’ system is insane, stops a speeding 40 ton eighteen wheel truck from rear-ending a car [Video]


How many times have you witnessed an accident where one vehicle rear-ended the other? Such accidents typically happen because the driver of the back vehicle wasn’t paying attention to the road. While rear-end accidents can be dangerous with cars, they are even more so dangerous with eighteen wheeler trucks, due to their huge size.

To help prevent these trucks from rear ending other vehicles, Volvo Trucks has developed a new ‘Collision Warning with Emergency Brake’ system which has the ability to stop quickly stop speeding trucks. Check it out:

How cool is that? Keep in mind that is a fully-loaded 40 ton truck.

According to Volvo, this system has the ability to prevent collisions of relative speeds up to 70 km/h (43.5 mph) and works with stationary or moving targets. In other words, the system will prevent a collision between a truck and another vehicle when the truck is going 70 km/h (or less) faster than the other vehicle.

The system uses radar and camera to keep track of vehicles in front of trucks. If the system detects that the truck will hit the vehicle in front of it at the truck’s current speed, the system displays a red light as a warning to the driver. If the driver does not make any speed or steering adjustments, the warnings start flashing and beeping. If the driver still makes no adjustments, the truck automatically starts to slowly brake. If slowly brake is not good enough to prevent the collision, the emergency brake is activated to do whatever is possible to stop the truck.

Interestingly enough, these types of braking systems are required to be in all new trucks in the European Union starting November 2015. I’m not sure if other countries, such as the United States, have introduced or plan on introducing similar legislation.

[via Volvo]

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  • JMJ
  • Jeanjean

    The system exists on the volvo cars serie 60 (my car) under the name of “City Safety”.

  • John

    And don’t forget the Actros Brake Assist…

  • sl0j0n

    Hello, all.
    @ “Goldenbarstewart”.
    You wrote: “How much is a life worth? Obviously not much”.
    One of my “windmills” is the insanely stupid “Daylight Saving Time” debacle.
    *EVERY* year, “Daylight Saving Time” changes kill a few people [in the US].
    The number is admittedly small, but that’s not the point; the point is, *EVERY* single death is unnecessary, a needless waste of life, so some simpleton ‘politician’ can point to their ‘effort’ to “help” businesses “be more profitable”.
    Its my contention that “Daylight Saving Time” is instituted for the benefit of wealthy ‘elitist’-types, who can use the extra hour to golf, boat, etc.
    Nowadays, the “extra” hour means that many homes will actually spend more for electricity to cool their comparatively ‘warmer’ home, now that the occupants get home an hour sooner, in the summer, no less.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!

  • Ashraf

    @sunrise: Interesting. I suppose we are slowly seeing it emerge. Thx.

  • sunrise

    @Ashraf: Ford have this technology implemented in Focus model (I don’t know if this model have the same name in US or EU).

  • JMJ

    @Grantwhy: What a great read! Thanks. I always wondered why one of my favorite aircraft, the A-10 Warthog, had only one gun. Your article explains why. I have a buddy who flew Navy F-4 Phantoms and he said firing his guns knocked 50 MPH (or knots, I don’t remember) off his speed.

    As far as “better” is concerned, I still prefer my “parking assistant” application. :-)

  • Grantwhy


    I can think of better^ uses for a high powered gun on a car.

    you need to go down towards the bottom of the page to where it talks about the GAU-8 :-)

    ^ for a given value of of the word ‘better’

  • Ashraf

    @Goldenbarstewart: I agree with Paul D. Cost is probably the culprit. In fact, I bet there are already systems like this out for cars — they just aren’t in most cars due to cost.
    @Goldenbarstewart: The question isn’t if the cost would come down in mass production. The question is how much and would the end consumer be willing to pay for it? You are making it sound car companies are too cheap to put these in. The sad truth is the end consumer doesn’t want to pay for it. If we demand and are willing to pay, car companies will be more than willing.
    @jayesstee: LOL!
    @Mike: My guess is the computer wants to use up as much space as it can. The more space the computer has to work with, the easier the task becomes.
    @Frobie: According to Volvo, the truck in the video is a fully-loaded 40 ton truck.
    @Goldenbarstewart: LOL!
    @naveed: I doubt that will ever happen, at least not in the United States. We can’t even agree on better MPG standards.
    @JMJ: James Bond would be jealous.

  • JMJ

    @jayesstee: Try a 105mm recoilless cannon. Turned forward, really helps finding (emptying) a parking space, too.

  • JMJ

    @Frobie: That is funny!!!
    But maybe not as farfetched as we think. Women have made many gains in demanding fair and equal treatment. It’s only a matter of time before they get some politician (probably a Republican in my Country) to propose a bill that requires us to do our fair share of carrying the unborn baby: Preggy Neutrality.

  • Wow! I wish they would have it on cars too and make it mandatory for people whose reaction times are measured in minutes.

  • I can help with the birth.

  • Frobie

    I wonder if the truck trailer was fully loaded and if not would it still react the same way or jack-knife? At any cost if that came roaring up behind me like that i’d give birth prematurely, and darn that’s real hard for a guy.

  • Mike

    Pretty amazing. Also a bit scary, in how close the computer takes it.

  • jayesstee

    Very clever, great find @Ashraf.
    Now what I want is one that I put in the rear of my vehicle, but it brakes all the brainless tailgaters!

  • How much is a life worth? Obviously not much. Like anything else, the cost for a system such as this would come down once in mass production.

  • Paul D

    @Goldenbarstewart: Cost, I imagine.

  • Al I can say is, “WOW!” If they can produce such as system for trucks, why not for all vehicles on the road. Think of the countless lives that would save and the property damage that would be avoided.