[Windows 8] Download YouTube videos with YouTube Downloader MP3/Videos

Screenshot.39452.1000000We all have those times when we want to see our favorite artists perform but there would be no internet connectivity. Or we have a YouTube video we would like to put on our mobile devices to share with someone else. Or a video we would like to watch while offline. YouTube Downloader [MP3/Videos] made for these situations. YouTube Downloader helps you download YouTube videos and save them right away to your Videos folder.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

YouTube Downloader [MP3/Videos], as the name suggests, helps in downloading videos off Youtube. You can download whole videos or simply the audio from videos.


  • Download any YouTube video in FLV or MP4 or convert to MP3
  • Easily share any YouTube page you like with the Charms bar
  • Works for touch devices and non touch devices (supports touch and desktop modes)
  • Supports live tiles
  • Allows you to edit music artist, title, album, genre for downloaded MP3
  • Upload or download to/from SkyDrive


  • The interface is buggy
  • No option to cancel single downloads
  • Doesn’t use Chrome and needs IE10 as default browser
  • No option to search in the app


youtube_downloader_2This app by far is the most advanced YouTube downloading app I have used in Windows store. It has a lot of features like, downloading not only MP3’s but you can also choose the bitrate. To begin with it has a decent interface, but for most of the YouTube interface it uses the Web version through IE10. Another great feature I have used in this app is that you can share any YouTube page through the charms bar.

You also can choose different interface optimized for touch and desktop versions. There is Live Tiles options also. You can search through the interface and share via it. There is also DLNA [Play-To] option to though I couldn’t test this option. Once you have completed your MP3 download, you can edit music artist, title, album, and genre. Another great feature on this SkyDrive integration and sync. You can upload and download MP3’s seamlessly.

This app though does have its share of cons. The interface is buggy and the app often shows update your Flash Player error. When you open the app for videos full screen it restarts. Also you also get invalid URL exception error. Also there was no option to cancel a single download when there are multiple downloads. It asks often for IE10 to be set a default browser. There was also no option to search via the Charms bar.

Conclusion and download link

This app is must download for all YouTube addicts. This app is the best YouTube downloader currently on Windows Store. Though there are bugs, they are not major and the app has great features. And the developers have promised more features coming on the way. All this makes, YouTube Downloader [MP3/Videos] an app that you must have on your Windows 8 machine.

Price: Free

Supported OS: Windows 8, Windows RT

Supported architectures: x86, x64, ARM

YouTube Downloader [MP3/Videos] on Windows Store

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