This guy programmed Siri to control his whole house [Video]


What happens when you put together Apple’s Siri, a Raspberry Pi, and the SiriProxy hack? Well, this guy used those things and a long weekend after Christmas to put together one of the most impressive Siri-related hacks yet. Check it out at the video below:

His garage door, thermostat, TV, and surveillance system are all controllable by Siri — and it works pretty well too. The guy who did all this, YouTube user Elvis Impersonator, says that he started using home automation since 2008. The SiriProxy hack in 2011 inspired him to take things to the next level by using the voice-controlled assistant.

If you’re interested in hacking up your own Siri-controlled house, he’s posted the plugins he used for the project on his GitHub page, as well as a list of all the components he used:

elvisimprsntr (Elvis) · GitHub

  • Elk M1 Gold security panel (
  • ISY99i Series X10/Insteon lighting controller (
  • Trendnet IP cameras (
  • Nest Thermostat (
  • RedEye IP2IR controllers (
  • SiriProxy running on a RPi (
  • iOS mobile apps MobiLinc HD ( and eKeypad Pro ( for iPhone/iPad touch control. (not in video)

[via The Next Web, iDB]

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  • Prema

    ugh i can’t stand siri’s voice. It’s pretty cool, but i prefer Google Nows voice

  • Enrique

    @K Lewis: But if he needs to press the home button on the phone to activate Siri, that wouldn’t work… Maybe a second phone to help him find his phone? Haha.

    True, but it can be really convenient at times. As long as you don’t become dependent on your phone to do all those things forever.

  • K Lewis

    Hope he has a back up phone if something happens!
    I wonder if he has it programmed to answer him if he calls out to ask “where are you phone?”

    I don’t know if I will ever want to become that dependent on something like that. Technology is great but it is really bad when it goes bad.