This is a list of Wikipedia’s most popular pages, and it has a lot of questionable items on it


I’m not sure what’s more amazing here, the fact that Wikipedia member ‘West.andrew.g’ has spent 3 whole years downloading and analyzing data traffic across Wikipedia’s English-language pages as a research project, or the fact that right below Facebook, United States, YouTube, and Google is Justin Bieber. Sigh.

West.andrew.g has posted data from his ongoing research project to Wikipedia’s community-managed newspaper, The Signpost, and the results are pretty interesting to say the least. The results are split into two categories: long-term results collected from data from 2010 to 2012 (second image below), and short-term results that came with sharp traffic spikes (first image below) — or in other words, celebrity deaths and Super Bowl halftime performers.



What surprised me the most would have to be the Wiki article being the most popular on Wikipedia. Can’t get any more meta than that. Which of these articles surprised you? Tell us in the comments!

[via Wikipedia (The Signpost), The Verge, image via iloveJB123]

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  • Enrique

    @Shawn: Exactly! Woohoo!

    @Ashraf: Uhhh… No it doesn’t!! :p

  • michael clyde

    that’s JUSTINA not justin

    but then, if i was (or had been) involved with selena gomez you could call me JUSTINA all day long
    or even JUSTDISGUSTIN, i’m open-minded… more or less

    michael clyde

  • Ashraf

    @Enrique: You know Google personalizes search results based on past history and activity, right? You get what I mean :-P
    @AFPhys: Hmm? I’m not exactly sure what you mean
    @Shawn: ikr?

  • Shawn


    We don’t need Wiki we’ve got Dottech ;-)

  • AFPhys

    I am almost certain that the total number of times I have seen any of those sites on Wikipedia is exactly zero.

    I must be weird, I guess, to have no interest in searching for information on those topics.

    I have a feeling that the reason for Wikipedia being at the top of the list is that visiting the base page of the web site is counted as seeing its entry.

  • Enrique

    @Ashraf: I just tried it and it was the FIRST result on mine. Haha. Oh well…

  • Ashraf

    @Seamus McSeamus: Well Wikipedia is the second result when searching for ‘sex’ on Google, so… yeah… LOL

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I’m not sure what is more disturbing; the fact that Bieber is #6, or that so many people are going to Wiki for information about sex.