Make your doodles come to life with 3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen


3D printing doesn’t come cheap. You also need pre-designed objects or a modeling program if you’re going to design something yourself. But what if you could just directly draw things in the air, and they instantly  came into existence?

That’s the idea behind 3Doodler, a Kickstart project that asked for $30,000 and is now sitting at over $400,000 — in less than a day. The pen will use ABS plastic that is heated and instantly cooled, just like other 3D printers. WobbleWorks, the guys behind the project, are calling it “the most affordable way to 3D print.” And they’re probably right, you can order a pen right now for $75. Expect to wait awhile though, the first orders are expected to ship in September so if you order now, you’ll have your pen some time after that.

Check out the 3Doodler in action in their Kickstarter video below!

If you’re interested in backing the project or ordering your own 3Doodler pen, hit up the link below.

3Doodler on Kickstarter

[via Kickstarter, The Verge]

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