Google built a laptop. It’s called the Chromebook Pixel, a $1,299 Chrome OS laptop with a 239ppi display that’s designed for the web. [Video]


Well, that didn’t take very long. Less than two weeks ago, reports surfaced that Google may be working on a ‘Retina’ laptop similar to Apple’s MacBook Pro’s with Retina Display. They’re not only announced a high-resolution Chromebook today, but a touchscreen-enabled one too.

Enter the Chromebook Pixel: This is a Google-designed laptop designed for the web. It’s basically the Nexus of laptops, and it looks like it’s also not going to disappoint. Besides packing a whopping 2560 x 1700 resolution in a 12.85-inch display, they’ve also gone right ahead and made that it a touchscreen as well. The device is almost as thin as a MacBook Air, and shares some pretty similar design choices with Apple’s line of laptops. There’s a big glass trackpad on it, and a third mic just to cancel out the noise your keyboard makes when you’re on a call — really neat stuff.

You’ll also notice that the screen is almost as tall as it is wide, a very different form from most laptops on the market. This is because Google wanted it to better fit web content, which normally flows vertically. The machine is also the most powerful Chromebook yet (which wasn’t a very hard thing to accomplish) with a Core i5 processor, and Intel integrated graphics.

The Chromebook Pixel is also the most expensive Chromebook yet by a mile, coming in at $1,299 for the base model with WiFi and 32GB of storage. An LTE model will be made available in April, and that comes with 64GB of storage. The WiFi model  is available for order today, and ships next week.

[via GoogleThe Verge]

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