This poor kid is probably scarred for life after being hit with a basketball like this [Image]

Although I am the stereotypical geek now (who just happens to love playing cricket), in a previous life (aka when I was a child) I used to be very active playing a variety of sports. One of my favorite sports was basketball. Even though I was never very good at it (contact sports are not my thing), I knew to a) never stand under the hoop and b) never take a shot when someone is standing under the hoop. Someone tell that to the idiot in the following animated GIF; check it out:



Am I really bad person for laughing a little prior to getting pissed at the stupidity of the idiot in the image?

[via Reddit]

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  1. greg

    The “idiot” in this GIF looks to be a young child, maybe a toddler so he may not have known better. The ball didn’t go thru the hoop, so maybe the “idiot” would have been safe if his brother had better aim. This is like that show AFV, where they show vids of kids getting hurt and call it funny. Funny would be ADULTS knowing what would happen and let it anyway.