Does this qualify as child abuse? Today’s funny animated GIF [Image]

Being an American from a distinctly non-American heritage, I have the advantage of seeing life from the viewpoints of two cultures. In particular, I find it interesting how different cultures view child abuse.

In the United States, a parent can potentially be thrown in jail if found guilty of child abuse. No, I’m not talking about the sexual kind; I don’t know of any culture that is not against that. Rather, I’m talking about something like slapping your child. In the US, a parent that slaps his child could very well be accused of child abuse. In other cultures? Not at all; in fact, slapping is part of the disciplinary process. That is not to say one culture is better than the other but rather that they are different.

Why exactly am I bringing this up? Because of the following; check it out and let us know if you consider it to be child abuse:


LMAO! GG panda cub.

[via Reddit]

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  • jack


    I totally agree with the last sentence in your comment!

  • Anonymail

    I think it’s funny and if you are offended by it, maybe you have some personal issues that you might need to speak to someone about.

    And I have to agree with Grateful, the discipline of children, IMO, is essential to who they become. If there are no rules, they do not learn that society isn’t there to cater to them. I find it amazing how many kids these days talk to their parents like they are “buddies.” Rude, spoiled society, that is all that comes of that. My kids have manners and respect. We still laugh and joke, it doesn’t make your child paranoid or “break their spirit” if more people disciplined their children, there wouldn’t be an entire generation feeling entitled!
    People are so sensitive these days! You can’t say anything, let alone jokes! I am so sick of being politically correct so I just don’t do it anymore, you you get your feelings hurt by something i said, then walk away, I’m tired of spoiled people thinking that their feelings are the only ones that matter! (sorry, started to get on a rant there)
    Ashraf, I think the amount of tech vs the amount of fun and interesting things you post is perfectly balanced. All work and no play make jack a dull boy!

  • A&L

    Kung Foo Panda

  • Seamus McSeamus

    First of all, the occasional diversion from tech is fine. I don’t want to see this blog turn into nothing but fluff, but I certainly don’t mind the occasional basketball to the face.

    Secondly, I’m pretty sure Baby Panda learned a valuable life lesson: if mama is getting her eat on, don’t come around wanting to play!

    Finally, to anyone whose feelings have been hurt by this particular animated gif, no one who finds humor here is advocating child abuse. There is a huge difference between slamming a child to the ground and an animal tossing it’s cub aside. Animal behavior and human behavior are two very different things.

  • etim

    [@BearPup] Good God. people, lighten up! You’re making me embarrassed to be a liberal!

    The bears play like this all the time–the cub most likely went back to do it again!

  • BearPup

    [@Grateful] You’re right. Some of us don’t find the humor in slamming a kid down onto the ground. You probably think that dodge ball is harmless fun. Unless you’re the one being singled out by the bullies in the class, then there is nothing funny or harmless about it.

    I’ve seen plenty of animal videos where a large cat will cuff a cub on the face after being harassed by a kit, but neither does it send it flying. A harmless cuff to push this cub away would certainly seem to have sufficed in sending the right ‘boundary’ message. I don’t see the humor in this gif, and if you were the cub, I doubt you would have either.

  • kelltic

    Uh oh. You are verging on the politically incorrect – those mostly unwritten but well-understood laws -devised by the ruling liberals. Be afraid, Ashraf. Be afraid.

  • saby


    i have to agree with naveed. the ratio of tech articles to non-tech , humor and fail articles are way to high. this is not the reason why i subscribed to dottech via email . occasionally its fine

  • Donna


    Oh Geez! I enjoy some of the lighter stuff. It’s niece to take a break. Don’t back down Ashraf. Stay Strong. Like mama Panda!

  • kevbo

    [@Grateful] Self control AND personal responsibity.

  • Grateful

    Yes, Ashraf, if that Panda mom is on American soil, then she should have the book thrown at her. To jail she must go! Who ever heard of slapping a kid around like that! Oh, the inhumanity of it all!

    I’m certain there will be plenty of argument about this, but here goes! :) Unfortunately our culture has been led more so by the liberal left, who think with their hearts instead of their brains. If something makes them feel bad, then it’s bad. Have they stopped to consider why our country is having so many gun issues among the youth; why they think nothing of breaking into a school and killing numbers of other kids? They haven’t received any real direction from their parents, just mush. I am by no means advocating abuse of any kind, but when a child looks at you with those eyes that say, “just try and stop me,” boy, you’d better find some way to stop them or you’ll end up with the undisciplined kids we have today, totally out of control because nobody bothered to invest their energy in them and show them self-control.

  • Ashraf

    [@naveed] Nothing wrong with going outside our comfort zone as long as we haven’t ditched our true nature, i.e. tech. Admittedly, this weekend has been a bit tech light due to some writer issues but don’t worry… I’m working on sorting it out.

  • Is this what this blog is devolving to, Ashraf? I come here for the technical content. An occasional interesting photo is fine, but these fail videos and animated gifs are taking away from the focus. I can get my fill of these from failblog and it’s ilk. Please stick with your strengths.