Does this qualify as child abuse? Today’s funny animated GIF [Image]

Being an American from a distinctly non-American heritage, I have the advantage of seeing life from the viewpoints of two cultures. In particular, I find it interesting how different cultures view child abuse.

In the United States, a parent can potentially be thrown in jail if found guilty of child abuse. No, I’m not talking about the sexual kind; I don’t know of any culture that is not against that. Rather, I’m talking about something like slapping your child. In the US, a parent that slaps his child could very well be accused of child abuse. In other cultures? Not at all; in fact, slapping is part of the disciplinary process. That is not to say one culture is better than the other but rather that they are different.

Why exactly am I bringing this up? Because of the following; check it out and let us know if you consider it to be child abuse:


LMAO! GG panda cub.

[via Reddit]

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