This is the first tweet and Instagram out of North Korea


Remember when North Korea’s only 3G carrier, Koryolink, planned to let foreigners use cellphones? It looks like they weren’t kidding, and international phone calls aren’t the only thing you’ll be able to do. Instagram-ing and tweeting from North Korea is now possible!

The first tweet is courtesy of Jean Lee, who is head of the Associated Press bureau in Korea. She then followed that up with the sepia-filtered Instagram photo that you see above, and if you’re wondering what that sign says, Lee says it reads  “welcoming nuclear test scientists.” Hm.

When Google Chairman Eric Schmidt visited the country recently, he mentioned that it would be easy for Koryolink to switch on their data service — and now here we are. It’s still only usable by foreigners, however, and North Korean citizens are probably a long ways off from being able to share their latest food or dog photo over their mobile phones.

Finally, some good news from North Korea! Now if only they’d stop doing things like this.

[via @newsjeanThe Next Web]

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