Microsoft finally releases Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7, you can download it now


Windows 8 users have been using Internet Explorer 10 since launch, but if you decided to stick with Windows 7 instead of using an OS that is considered “weak, terrible and disappointing,” Microsoft has left you with IE9 — until today.

The company has officially made the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE10) available to all Windows 7 users. Previously, access to the Windows 7 version of IE10 was limited to developers or users with the Release Preview. But now the final release is here, and it brings with it a bunch of improvements: improved JavaScript performance, the latest CSS3 improvements, integrated spell checking and auto-correct within the browser, improved battery life for mobile computers and more.

Microsoft has made IE10 available as an optional download for Windows right now, but you can choose to install it manually. You can also download it right now at the link below!

Internet Explorer 10 download page

[via Microsoft, The Verge]

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  • Janet


    Nowadays you can roll back very easily with just a couple of clicks–without losing any personal data (e.g., Favorites)….:-)….

  • Patrick


    So a lot to do about nothing or lots of trouble with MS IE10 – as one might expect?

    This whole “final and stable release” churns my stomach even before I have installed it!

    The only way to roll back surely consists of an hours long, incomprehensible procedure, loss of data (which one is supposed to have back ups of), loss of “favourites”, trouble with mail, you name it…

    I even doubt that a systems backup would work before installing…

    It don’t know, but I think I’ll wait another year (or two)…



  • RobCr

    Don’t rely on MS.
    Leave your OS using the version of IE that came with it.
    Use FireFox instead (with NoScript).
    If ever your OS gets flaky, and you have to do a Repair (Fixes things, but leave all your programs and data intact), the Repair will NOT BE ABLE TO DEAL WITH THE UPGRADED IE, as it does not know anything about it.
    Trust me, don’t trust MS.

  • janet

    Is anyone here successfully using IE 10 on 64-bit Win 7? It automatically includes a Win 7 SP1 platform update which seems to play havoc with thousands of users (including me)…..Removing the update automatically removes IE 10…:-(….

  • David

    Some people are struggling to install it.. IE9 installed ok for me, but IE 19 won’t- in both cases the same pattern of failure has been reported by a good number.

    The log file first shows failure to download a .cab file, which installs manually from the link in the log file.

  • Janet

    PS I also stopped getting any/all dottech notices after installing IE 10…:-(….

  • Janet

    OK. I have installed IE 10. Please help…..

    1. The drop-down Tools menu is extremely limited. No Page option. Thus no “Send page by e-mail” or “send page by link” options. Where are all the tools I had in IE 8??

    2. All my IE and WLM display fonts have changed to Ariel. Only font setting I can find are for foreign languages.

    Any help is appreciated!

  • J.L.

    Still relevant for those who don’t use Internet Explorer, because many programs that display webpages (other than browsers) use IE’s rendering engine. You can enable Enhanced Protected Mode, ActiveX Filtering, and Tracking Protection to make it more secure.

  • Strahd

    Awesome, while others may not like IE, I totally do. I have been fortunate to never have experienced IE problems, ever.

    Of course I’ll be “knock on wood,” and hope I still dont run into problems.

    Thanks for the heads up Ashraf.

  • KMHamm

    Started using Lunascape6 (found it on this site) and doubt I’ll go back to IE.

  • Tom

    [@Chuck] Thanks for the link… I’m not an IE fan, but I’m game to download and check it out.

  • Hal


    I Totally Agree with you……AAhhhhhhhhhhh

  • AFPhy6

    I am glad to see that, being an XP user, I won’t have to concern my pretty little head about whether to go to IE10 since it is not available for XP. No matter… I haven’t used IE for over ten years now anyway…

  • Chuck
  • Tom

    Why would a Win7 user move to IE10? Speed? Features? Security? Bloat?

    Help us out with some analysis.