These are the top 20 countries that download torrents the most, and the artists whose songs are most pirated


Musicmetric, which bills itself as “the world’s most powerful artist analytics dashboard”, has recently released some interesting torrent activity data. They have compiled a list that shows the top 20 countries when it comes to downloading torrents. The list also shows the number of downloads in the past six months and the most pirated artist in each country. Check it out (click on image to enlarge it):


[Note: Some artists willingly allow torrenting of their music but encourage donations, such as Billy Van. And in some countries it may not be necessarily illegal to download songs.]

As you can see, the US takes the top of the list pretty handily, with over 50 million more downloads than second place UK. Other interesting bits are that the USA’s most pirated artist is Canadian while Canada’s most pirated artist is American, and there are only 2 Asian countries that made the list.

Now all we need is a list for the top downloaded movies by country!

[via BBC]

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