Search warrant reveals just how much the government (or anyone else) can find out about you from your cellphone


Drug dealers, watch out! The government can find a whole lot about you if they seize your phone. As for everyone else, you probably wanna know just how much data your phone is carrying about you regardless of if you have committed a crime or not. And thanks to a search warrant served to a drug dealer last year, we now know the goodies our phones hold.

A suspect in a drug investigation had his iPhone seized by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the fall last year. Now the search warrant ICE used to extract data from the phone has been posted online. Check out the information they extracted:


You’ll notice from the image above that things like the user’s call log, messages, contacts, and apps were all found on the phone. This type of information is not very surprising because anybody who picks up your cellphone can find that information. However, ICE was also able to find out the name of the computer that it backed up to, photos, videos, stored passwords as well as 659 points of location thanks to WiFi and cellular access points — that should theoretically tell them where you’ve been.

So, remember, keep your phone safe. It can say a lot about you, more than you might think. Especially if you’re a drug lord.

[via iDB, image via Brett Jordan]

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  • AFPhy6


    General rule: AES with strong password can NOT be cracked using maximum current technology.

  • Bub

    I took a look at that link, and it doesn’t say that AES can be cracked. It says that researchers came up with a technique that is about five times more efficient than brute-force cracking. While five times is significant, the article also notes that it will still take trillions of years to crack a strong AES key.

  • V


    Yep, they can. Here’s the link:

    Shouldn’t come as a surprise to you … with multi-billion dollar budgets, do you REALLY think the government is just saying “ah shucks, it’s encrypted … guess we’ll just have to leave these terrorists alone”??

    Remember that scene from Blazing Saddles with the toll road? Such is what you are suggesting here. Let’s hope you are smarter than that.

  • mukhi

    [@J.L.] interesting! easy to do? if yes, can you teach me since i am planning to use my android as my 2nd PC.

  • J.L.

    Let’s see them try cracking my Android full disk encryption. If anyone thinks the government can crack anything, provide proof of success against modern encryption algorithms like AES.

  • Switch-kun

    You can always attach a “self destruct” system in your phone to automatically fry the circuits inside, or completely format your phone?