Angry Birds cartoon is actually happening, and here’s the first trailer [Video]


I wouldn’t blame you if you were tired of Angry Birds. They’re everywhere! First it was just a little game on your phone, then a board game, then toys and t-shirts and all shorts of merchandise. And now, it’s finally a cartoon.

The show is called Angry Birds Toons that will start airing online weekly beginning March 16th. Rovio has also released the first trailer for the show:

I admittedly came into it really skeptical, it doesn’t actually look that bad! Whether it develops a cult following as crazy as the likes of My Little Pony bronies is anyone’s guess at the moment, but it looks to be a fun show for the kids at least.

“What makes Bomb Bird so angry?” Well, you’ll just have to tune in next month to find out!

[via Rovio]

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