This is humanity’s next great invention, the Oreo Separator Machine


We’ve posted recently about the amazing things in technology that are right around the corner. Things like how it feels like to use Google Glass, or a motion controller that will change the way we use computers.

But today I need to tell you something much more important than that. A device that can solve a massive flaw that’s been a bane to the human race since 1912. What I’m talking about is: how do we separate the creme from the cookies in an Oreo?

Thankfully, “physicist” and copywriter¬†David Neevel has the answer that we all seek — the Oreo Separator Machine. Check out the amazing footage below:

I’m thankful for Neevel’s invention but there’s just one thing that’s bothering me. How can you not like the creme? Come on, Neevel.

[via Oreo, The Verge]

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  • marshall08

    great invention.. Sometimes the technology that has been invented is not only measure in its productivity but sometimes on how it works and being something unique.

  • marshall08


  • AT

    So much work for just the two halves. So unproductive. Why not invite a neighbour’s kid over to clean off the center. The payment of “All the Oreo centers you can eat”. Done. Give the kid some milk. The acceptable child labour.

  • Ashraf

    >>How can you not like the creme? Come on, Neevel.

    Seriously. This guy ain’t invited to my house for dinner, ever.

  • Mike

    A marvelous device. But it also brings to mind the wonders of the original machine for doing this, that is so adaptable: the human being.