iOS vs Android vs BlackBerry vs Windows Phone, a detailed comparison of major smartphone operating systems [Infographic]

Looking for a detailed comparison of the four major smartphone operating systems, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone? Then you have come to the right place.

The following is an infographic that details iOS vs Android vs BlackBerry vs Windows Phone. Please note dotTech did not create this infographic and we do not verify the validity of all the claims it makes. However, while there are some things in this infographic that we don’t necessarily agree with, by and large it is a decent comparison of the platforms — better than many other comparisons we have seen. Check it out (click on the infographic to view it in full size):


Do you agree or disagree with this infographic? Share in the comments below!

[via MyPhoneDeals]

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  • ddc

    You wildly and clearly ovestated the Androids

    Performance and
    Documents sections

    and you forgot the
    security section

    Only expensive 300$+ android phone show good performance and smooth experience.

    A windows 130$ phone is faster and smoother than the android 300$ adversary.

    Google docs in no way has the same value as microsoft office.
    In this particular point android should have no more than 20% of the points windows got.

    Document editing and similar on android is as of today just playing with toys. Microsoft office is the only serious office software available for phones.

    99% of viruses that exist for mobile are programed for android.

    This is an extremely important issue.
    And the main reason I’d never buy android for professional applications.

    The software is only suitible for childreen and everyday use. Can’t put valuable data on it, because it is to dangerous.

  • sgodsell

    First off you give android and WP the same score for widgets, when clearly you can do a lot more with widgets on android than you can ever do on WP. Next you mention WP as being full HTML 5. Well check it out for yourself it is not. Its score is 320. Whereas the others are more compliant. Android also offers many more browsers that are full HTML 5 compliant. The next thing is design you have WP with a better design than android, but in reality android has so many designs to choose from. You can get aluminum, to Kevlar, to plastic, to rubber, to almost any materials. Android with screens, sound, features, no one else can even compare. So design android should have surpassed all others on this chart considering Nokia only has a few handsets compared androids army of handsets. Battery well this is tied to phone designs, some androids give you the longest battery times. Now for maps there are a multitude of map applications for android and iOS, that offer offline map features. Now for VoIP and video chat, android and iOS offer way more VoIP apps than WP. File management android let’s you do anything with any file, not to mention you have a number of servers from web, smb, ftp, xbmc, etc. You just don’t get these features from any other platform on this list, except for android.

  • IluvID

    I personally prefer Android, because of its variety (you can choose either a premium smartphone with the price of $800 or more, or you can choose a very basic but not bad smartphone with the price below $100), user friendly and nice UI (since ICS), and its customizability (hundreds of widgets, themes, and even custom ROM)(best OS for smartphone hackers). What I don’t like is no updates for most phones (except few high end phones and the Google Nexus series) and it’s sometimes confusing (sometimes the back button does exit an app, sometimes back a layer before, sometimes don’t even work at all), but fortunately there is a dedicated recent apps button on nearly every phones (except samsung), which is usually helpful. Also, there are now more apps on Android than iOS. Cheers for Android!!!

  • Chris C.

    As a relative newcomer to Android but also a long time power user I would mostly agree with this table concerning Android (and certainly a lot regarding iOS considering my son was an iPhone early adopter, which drove me nuts to no end when he needed help) but I’d like to make comments regarding some of the statements made.

    For one, you can assign a hardware button to the camera on Android devices, but I do agree it needs tweaking to get there and is therefore not as ‘intuitive’ to get there as on iOS, but in counterpart you do have much more flexibility about what function to assign to what button.

    What I disagree most here is your subjective treatment of Windows phone 8 as ‘elegant, fun to use’ giving an ‘excellent smartphone experience’… Quick, somebody give me air! Stifling and gaudy doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about this OS! A more objective assessment would have been more useful ;)

    As for iOS being ‘stale’… Well an icon cluttered homescreen with the so-called ’rounded corners’ (c) in gaudy colors is certainly not my idea of a nice user experience, and that is where Android shines with its homescreen widgets and dock for its most used apps, the icons of which can be skinned to your liking to fit the theme and launcher you are using.

    One aspect that I was hoping to see discussed here and that I find sorely missing because of its importance is PRIVACY and USER CONTROL of devices, which has become a growing concern as corporations have basically appropriated user data for themselves without even a hint of an ethical concern.

    In my opinion, the lack of privacy and user controls over data is the biggest issue facing future Android users (I cannot speak for other OSes): By being so connected, by using ‘the cloud’ and other services, we are giving up privacy for ‘convenience’, allowing corporate entities free access to our information at all times and places. Windows Mobile did not have that issue! Doesn’t that worry anyone? Where do the other OSes stand in respect to Privacy and User Control of Their Devices? I would have hoped this had been addressed…

    Otherwise, excellent summary, Ashraf, two thumbs up :)

  • normofthenorth

    iOS Calendar gets full marks?!? There’s no way to link an appointment or meeting with anybody in your Contacts!! Before my iPod, I went through 3 or 4 PalmOS devices that all found that linkage really easy, but the iPod thinks it’s way too hard. So if I want to enter a dentist’s appointment, I either have to type in all the info, or copy and paste each field from the dentist’s Contacts file individually(!). Name, copy and paste; Address, copy and paste; Notes, copy and paste; etc., etc. Sorry, FAIL!

  • mukhi

    am i the only one to see that this is clearly written by fanbois? no multi-tasking, no icon customization in iOS (jailbreak is not an option for me since that voids warranty), who is gonna tell all these?
    and, itunes! you sync with your photo folder, and then you sync with another photo folder, the 1st folder’s photos are gone! who the hell in the itunes developer’s team came up with this mind-blowing idea? man, this is one of the major reasons why i have always hated itunes.