Fashion designer invents clothes that hide you from drones


Ever watch or read Harry Potter? You know that invisible cloak Potter & co always use? Yeah, well, Adam Harvey — a privacy advocate/fashion designer based in New York City — has invented something similar. Except it is for drones.

Dubbed ‘Stealth Gear’, Harvey has created a burqa (the garment wore by many Muslim women around the world, typically in black and can be of other colors too), hoodie, and scarf that hides a person from drones. No, it doesn’t make you invisible like Potter’s cloak. Rather, the garments use a material called ‘metalized fabric’ which blocks body heat and cell phone signals hence being invisible to drones that rely on¬†infrared detection. They are also coated in copper, nickel, and silver which doesn’t help protect from drones but rather gives the clothes a “silvery” and “luxurious” look. You know. The stuff fashion crazed people like.

At the price of $2,300 (burqa), $565 (scarf), and $481 (hoodie), there are not very many people that can afford such clothes. (Translation: Don’t worry CIA, Taliban won’t be getting their hands on these anytime soon.) Indeed, Harvey has only sold one piece so far. However, Harvey says he isn’t in it for the money; sales or not sales, he doesn’t are. He is doing it to make a political statement. Has it worked? I don’t know, this is the first time I’m reading about this.

Stealth Gear Anti-Drone garments homepage

[via ScientificAmerica, DigitalTrends]

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