What teachers do when they confiscate the phone of a student [Image]


LOL! I’m glad I was never caught texting in class. Or rather, I was never caught texting in class that resulted in my phone being taken away.

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  • Kids being allowed to have mobile phones in school, in my humble opinion is just ridiculous. I’m in my mid-50’s and naturally remember a time when if a student needed to make a telephone call or received a call, they had to go to the front office to conduct their business.

    This is a major issue now, with kids constantly playing games on their mobile phones in class, listening to music, etc., while a teacher such as myself is trying to teach a lesson. I’ve had students carrying on a rather loud (Thai’s are typically overly loud) telephone conversations right in the midst of my lesson I’m teaching! I have confiscated their mobile phones, only to be threatened that they HAVE to have contact with their parents!

    These idiot kids are not EVER talking to their parents. They are talking to their friends in other classes, talking to their drug dealers, etc.!

    My solution for this terrible problem is for schools to adopt a strict rule regarding mobile phones…simply no mobile phones allowed in school…at all!

    The primary argument from the students and / or parents may be the pathetic argument, “I need to be able to get in touch with my parents in the event of an emergency!” Okay, fine. At the beginning of the term, students are handed out notices, which have to be signed by their parents,

    “Students are not allowed to have mobile phones in the school. If they need to have contact with their parents, they can come to the main office and make the call on one of our telephones. If a student is discoved with a mobile phone in school, their phone will be confiscated and their parents will be called to come and pick up the phone.”

    I think this is a very simple solution to this problem, the problem which did not exist years ago, but which has been allowed to occur simply due to the advance in technology and the lax rules in Thai (and other) schools now.

    With all the new technology out there nowadays, whenever there is a problem all you have to do is ask the simple question, “Well, what did people do before….e-mail, Skype, mobile phones, WiFi, Chat, etc.?”.

    New technology is not always good.


  • V

    Who knows what kind of child porn or other nefarious items were also left on this phone.

    Seems like this is evidence of some very bad behavior that someone in higher authority should be interested in stopping.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    The student should have had a pass code… at least make them work a bit to get into the phone!