New USB Safely Remove 4.1 promo: 10,000 licenses being given away for free!

For those that missed out on the USB Safely Remove 4.1 giveaway in August you have a chance to make up for your mistake. Crystal Rich is again running a USB Safely Remove 4.1 giveaway. This time, however, the giveaway is not time limited but rather limited in licenses: the first 10,000 to sign up will get it for free!

So… why are you still here? Go grab it now!


The same restrictions and conditions apply this giveaway as the last one:

Giveaway FAQ
  • What’s the restrictions of the free license key?

There are no restrictions except you can use the program only with the current version 4.1. All other aspects of our license policy will be the same as for paid licenses: you can use it personally on each of your computers. If you wish to upgrade to any future versions (and even to downgrade to a previous one) you have to purchase the lifetime license.

  • I’m affraid to give you my email. Why do you need it?

All the licenses, both free and paid, are tied to user’s email. In case if a user lost his\her license key he\she can restore it immediatelly using the special form. That’s our concern about you and nothing more. We will not pass your email to anybody. We will not send you newsletters if you disable “Subscribe me on newsletter” option.

  • How many licenses may I request?

Only one per email\IP address. If you want to get a license for your father\mother\cousinor just a friend send him an invite to get a free license through our invite form or with another convenient way for you.

  • Nothing is free. What is the catch? I’m not installing without knowing the catch.
No catch. Your email won’t be neither sold to noxious spammers nor sent by our newsletters (unless you check “Subscribe me on newsletter” option), your computer won’t be infected by evil spirits as USB Safely Remove is clean like a crystal and doesn’t contain any spyware, adware or viruses and any time you can uninstall the program and forget it.Of course we wouldn’t mind if you decided to recommend it to others or purchase the lifetime license if you like the program and it solves your problems. But do it only at your option, we won’t compel you to do it.

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  • For those who missed this, there are other ways to get a license. You can do any of the following:

    1. Write a review about the program in your preferred forum, news archive, or blog.
    2. Translate the program or a part of the site into your native language.
    3. If your native language is English, you can help the developer in improving the descriptions or site content
    4. If you are a designer you, can draw a device icon for a device that is absent from their collection

    More information about the license for writing an article can be found at this link:

    I got my license by writing an article, and since the developer thought it was a particularly good one, I even got a lifetime license! If you want to read it, you can check out this page:

  • Thomas Williams

    All 10k gone!

  • idigiti

    Thanks for the offer I need one

  • RonCam

    If you like to use Sleep mode instead of always rebooting, better check this function right after installation.

    When I posted on the utility´s forum, that my computer no longer would wake after Sleep, the reply was only ¨well, it works on Vista,¨ and I´m sure that´s true. Regarding other Windows versions, they didn´t say whether they ever tested for this, or would try to duplicate it, but only that they may ¨fix the bug in the next version.¨

    And, that´s not 4.1 … 4.1 is the same as the Giveaway version from a short while ago.

    Sorry I can´t use the program because I liked it, otherwise. But, S3 Sleep works very well on my system, and I´m not about to give that up, just so I can run this utility!

  • Khader


    Appreciate you thinking about me! It is not a problem, I’m sure this one or something else like this will come again soon enough… and I’ve got to thank for that!

  • For those who want an all-purpose USB utility, I recommend

    By default, this displays all devices that have ever been connected, and shows a lot of info for each. You can change the view to show only devices currently connected to your computer. You can then disconnect any device.

    Did you ever have a USB device that didn’t install properly, and then it would never install properly after that? This allows you to uninstall the device so that Windows discovers it fresh again.

  • Darthyoda

    Yah, I got this in the email the other day. They say at the very end of the message, “NOTE! This license giveaway is available only for users from USA, UK, Europe, Down Under and South Africa.”

  • Dr Nitin

    Dear Ashraf,
    It seems we here in India are left out of this lovely offer.
    Thanks anyway.
    Dr Nitin

  • Sven

    Generally speaking they seems to dislike foreigners. Denmark too

  • Ashraf

    @Ron and Khader: Thanks for the info =).

    @Locutus: I have yet to use that feature. Man Windows has so much features most of us don’t even know about… =).

    @Quro@75: You are welcome.

    @Locutus: Welcome on board =).

    @Khader: Sorry I can’t help you out =(. I already used my IP to grab one for Quro@75. Maybe if a rep from Crystal Rich is reading this, they can open up this freebie to more than just USA.

  • Khader

    Update… the offer is not available for those in India too…

  • Ron


    Looks like they extended the “Happy Day” offer for a discount on the lifetime license for anther day.

  • @Locutus: Just got it. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually use it. I find that when I’m done with a drive, I either pull it out (as said earlier) or use Windows’ built-in one.

  • Quro@75

    Thank you, it’s working. :)

  • If their “Giveaway Stats” are correct and the current level of people getting this DON’T drop then it will only last 4 more days!

  • @Ashraf: One thing (I haven’t come across yet) in Windows 7 is it shows you what is stopping a file from being deleted. It would be pretty handy for Windows 7 to show what is busy on a USB drive.

  • Ron


    About the IP, from the website:
    ” How many licenses may I request?
    Only one per email\IP address. If you want to get a license for your father\girlfriend\cousine or just a friend send them an invite to get a free license through our invite form or share the news via your social network using buttons below. ”

    I grabbed one of these keys again, because I really liked the program when they had their last promotion. When I went to to page you linked, I noticed a “Happy Day” offer for today only. There was a discount for an lifetime license. This entitles the owner to lifetime upgrades and unlimited installs. It cost me $14.00US and is worth it, Imho.

    The free key is for the current version only, with no upgrades without purchasing a lifetime license. Great deal.

  • Ashraf

    @Grumpy: Good point. Lame.

    @Locutus: You may regret that in the future =P.

    @Liam K: I believe they are the exact same.

    @Mick: You are welcome =).

    @Quro@75: Seriously? That is lame (also). Have you tried to use a proxy? I assume they are blocking popular proxies too.

    Anyway, check your e-mail. I just got a key for you.

  • Quro@75

    This giveaway is NOT FAIR!!!! They refuse Indonesian people. I HATE THIS!!

  • Mick


    This program is the reason I joined the dottech notification thing…. I stumbled on the site kinda by accident, and unfortunately had just missed the August promo, and I was WAY bummed.

    I’d been checking the website daily just for the various blog entries, but finally decided to become one of the 800 strong last week.

    The effort has paid off. THIS was the program I wanted, and I was able to jump (already got my key) – although I did have to come home to do the registration, because as Grumpy said, if they think you on an already used IP, it won’t register it.

    Regardless, WAY WAY WAY happy now.

    Thanks, dottech!


  • Is this version any different from the one from the last giveaway?

  • Still I will just randomly yank my USB stick out when I am done. Rarely are the things on there that valuable that I would keep a program no matter how small open to safely remove it. Just my two cents.

  • Grumpy

    Dial-up unfriendly. They only allow one registration per IP. So if someone in your area has already registered, you are out of luck.