Facebook is testing notifications that will pester you to post new updates


Facebook, don’t do this. You recently showed off a newly redesigned News Feed and it looked great. Things were looking up. And then you had to go off and do something like this.

If you’re wondering what exactly Facebook did wrong this time, it’s exactly what you see in the above image — Facebook is now testing a feature for their iOS app that shows notifications telling you to post an update. Granted, it’s not a feature yet but just a “small test” they’re currently running. But I just don’t see any possibility of a feature like this getting any sort of positive feedback from anyone, if it were to be made a regular part of the app. It’s obtrusive and completely¬†unnecessary. It’s just bad press waiting to happen.

Is Facebook that desperate to get people using the service all the time? Let people post when they want to, they don’t need a notification nagging them to. And keep redesigning your interface like this¬†and people will just naturally use the service more.

We don’t need notifications like this Facebook. Nobody wants this. -Signed, everybody with a Facebook account.

[via Mashable]

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