Watch every episode of Star Trek on Hulu for free until the end of the month


In a blog post on Hulu’s official blog, the site announced that they would be making every episode of Star Trek available for free until the end of March.

This comes around two months in advance of the release of J.J. Abrams highly anticipated Star Trek Into Darkness, and is a good way not only to psyche you up for the film’s release, but catch an episode or two you’ve missed. Or you know, you could watch all of them.

Almost 700 episodes are there for your watching pleasure, but you probably don’t even need to do the math to realize there just isn’t enough time to watch all of it. The best thing to do is probably pick your favorite series, whether that’s TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager or Enterprise, then watch that.

Never watched an episode of Star Trek before?  Fret not! Just choose TNG or Deep Space Nine and you should be all set!

Finally, since Hulu is US only, free Star Trek from Hulu is US only too. However, if you’re thinking that you’re out of luck because you’re outside the US, there’s always MediaHint (or TunnelBear). Give it a try, you can thank me later. Now, like their appropriately titled announcement, “Set Phasers to Hulu!”

Star Trek on Hulu

[via SlashGear]

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