Chinese firm is looking to hire a “Chief Pornographic Identification Officer”


We’ve all heard about countries wanting to rid the internet of porn — South Korea and Iceland to name a few. China is also one of these countries, and if you’ve ever wondered how they choose their porn-fighters, it’s simple. Like every other job, they post a job listing!

Security firm Anquan Lianmeng, which translates as the awesome “League of Security,” has not only given us the very entertaining opportunity to see what kind of requirements this job would entail, but has revealed its equally cool job title — “Chief Pornographic Identification Officer.” Don’t forget it. This is an opportunity to apply for Chief Pornographic Identification Officer, at the League of Security.

The full translated job posting is here:

Job Location: Beijing
Salary: 200,000 RMB/year [$32,348.40 annually]
Job Responsibilities: Quickly and accurately identifying pornographic and obscene websites.
Job Description:
1. Research and study pornographic videos and images, formulate criteria for determining obscenity.
2. Deploy courseware on the standards of obscenity determination, and study materials such as educational videos on pornography.
3. Manage and rate pornographic resources (including BT seeds, images, and online videos).
Job Requirements:
1. Familiarity with the different standards of determination of pornographic content of different countries;
2. Familiarity with the standards of determination and express regulations concerning pornography in China’s law;
3. Familiarity with the standards of pornography identification used by CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) and various major internet providers;
4. A bachelor’s degree or above; age between 20-35; all genders;
5. Possesses good teamwork skills, and a strong sense of responsibility.
1. National standard insurances and additional allowance for meals, transportation and phone.
2. Expenses on relevant books can be reimbursed. Free fruits and yogurt each week day.
3. Free physical examination once every year, and gift for birthday, wedding and child birth.

It should be noted it isn’t clear if Anquan Lianmeng is associated with the Chinese government or is an unaffiliated group looking to, erm, better society I suppose. On their website Anquan claims that they aim “to promote a neutral, impartial and controllable third-party organization” and has entered into “collaboration with Baidu, Tencent, China Merchants Bank, nearly 800 institutions, enterprises and other official website[s]”.

Regardless of if the Chinese government is hiring you or if a private industry group is, the job actually doesn’t look too bad. That’s $32,000 a year (which is great pay for someone living in China, roughly equal to someone making six figures in the United States) and a healthy bunch of perks for finding pornography on the internet. Especially when you consider the fact that there are already people that do this very same thing, for free, just for themselves. Heyooo!

[via RocketNews24, Gizmodo, image via barockschloss]

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