The Liberator is the world’s first 3D-printed gun you can print from the comfort of your home


The Liberator is like any other gun out there — except for the fact that you can download it off the internet and print it out using a 3D printer. Defense Distributed revealed the 3D-printed gun last week, and has now released a video showing its first test-fire. Doing the test-firing of the gun is Defense Distributed’s own founder, Cody R. Wilson. Check it out:

The gun is made out of 16 parts, 15 of which are 3D-printed. The one non-3D printed part is a the metal firing trigger, but presumably cannot be made from plastic. There is also another piece of metal put in the gun, but that isn’t required for the gun to function properly; it is a piece of metal which allows the gun to comply with the Undetectable Firearms Act in the United States (so that the gun can be detected via metal detectors). The files necessary to print out the gun available for download.

As for the potential dangers and harm the Liberator can cause, Cody Wilson is well aware of it:

“I recognize that this tool might be used to harm people. That’s what it is: it’s a gun. But I don’t think that’s a reason to not put it out there.”

Something tells me his statement doesn’t sound quite right. What do you think? Comment and let us know!

[via DefCAD]

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  • Jimbo

    @AFPhy6 Pass me a hit of whatever it is you are smoking, or shooting up or popping. Or are you just naturally like that…
    Let me guess you are one of those who believe the ‘founding fathers’ put in the second amendment so you could one day rise up to overthrow your tyrannical government (and the ‘one day’ is NOW, right?).

  • Beea

    Mar 18, 2013 – Defense Distributed, the world’s first maker of 3D-printed guns, has managed to obtain a federal license to manufacture and market firearms in the US. What were they thinking of?

  • jimx29

    Perfect! Now a person such as myself (a convicted felon) won’t even have to leave my house to get myself a gun. Used to be I had to go out 300 yards from my house and go to a gun show to get myself armed.

  • PeterM

    Suggests a need to control access to bullets –
    or can they also be printed?

  • etim

    [@Darcy] Wouldn’t the bullets still show up on scans?

  • When this first appeared on the Internet, maybe not this particular one but a 3d printable gun, it was removed within hours by the govt. If I remember right, that version required a metal barrel as well as the trigger mechanism. Regardless, it’s a disaster IMO, terrorists who can make undetectable guns? [shudder] I can’t think of any legal use for an undetectable gun.

  • Seamus McSeamus


    Wasn’t aware of that. I hereby withdraw my /sarcasm. If it’s being discussed at the state level, it’s only a matter of time before it’s whispered into the ear of someone in DC. I suppose we could require background checks for people purchasing nails, since that it the most likely component to use as the firing pin. I won’t say that with sarcasm because it’s so absurd that it fits right into the way they think in Washington.

  • JT


  • AFPhy6

    [@Seamus McSeamus]

    Why did you put /sarc? There are some NY lawmakers already out there with serious legislation to restrict and/or ban 3D printers..

  • AFPhy6

    To people around the world suffering under oppressive governments, this type of development may be the best chance for them to become free from their slavery that has ever been offered. I congratulate the developer.

    Are you aware of the way the wonderful “arab spring” has given the Muslim Brotherhood ability and cover to kidnap young girls in Egypt and enslave them? I have heard figures as high as 100,000, mostly Coptic Christians. But don’t trouble yourself about that… remain blissfully unaware about the oppressive police states around the world right now – it is Stanley Cup playoff time! And besides that, if ABCBCNNBCBS and the NYSlimes don’t carry such stories they haven’t even happened, in the minds of low information voters. The mounties will come in time to bury you before the body stinks.

  • Strahd

    Awe crap! Now they will be back to pat downs again at any federal, airport, because metal detectors will not be able to detect these type of weapons. More terrorists and crazy killers coming our way.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Quick, Congress!! We need a law outlawing 3-D printers!!


  • etim

    [@Enrique] Don’t remember–got it off the net–could be from anywhere.

  • Enrique

    [@etim] Vice on HBO? ;)

  • etim

    As an aside, I saw a documentary the other day where some guys in the Philipines build semi-auto pistols in their shacks out of scrap metal.
    The most complicated piece of equipment they had was an old drill press.

  • Jimbo

    So, let me guess what’s next…
    You will be able to buy the metal parts on
    eBay (or wherever) and you have a whole new avenue for illegal guns in the U.S.
    Just f#*king beautiful !

    However, ironically, watch the gun industry, perhaps through the NRA, lobby for some sort of ‘gun control’ laws to try to prevent this.

    Thankfully, I live in a sane and rational country like Canada.