Google redesigns Google Maps with a gorgeous new fullscreen interface


One of the biggest announcements to come out of Google’s I/O conference was that Google Maps is getting a big redesign. If I remember correctly, there weren’t any rumors that this was happening, save for a few minor leaks moments before the conference took place. Nevertheless, the newest version of Google Maps is stunning.

Much like its mobile app counterparts, the new web version of Google Maps is now dominated by its most important part — the map. A little search box sits on the top left, and the necessary controls surface as you type. The long list of locations has also been nixed, and now locations are marked directly in the map. Another cool but perhaps unnecessary addition is the implementation of Google Earth into the new maps — you’ll be able to see locations in 3D, as well as zoom out and look at the entire Earth from space. The clouds in that view are also real-time, which is a neat touch.

The new Google Maps is currently in a preview phase but if you’re interested in trying it out early, you can head on over to the link below and sign up for an invite.

Google Maps Preview homepage

[via Google]

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  • etim

    [@A&L] F11 didn’t get rid of the (non-browser) junk at the top; the L arrow would take forever when the map DL was slow.
    Happier now, though.

    “,,,gets some updated pictures for my area”
    A lot of the photos are submitted by folks who are familiar with the area–hint hint.

  • A&L

    You can click the little arrow to get rid of the left hand info, and F11 to go full screen
    This will be nice tho, hope google gets some updated pictures for my area, bing maps is better for me.

  • Zapped Sparky

    [@etim] That bit that takes up about a third of the page on the left? :)

    They definitely needed to get rid of that.

  • etim

    Fullscreen. YES!!
    It’s about time. I’ve been trying different tricks to get rid of that junk and wasted spaces above and to the left of the maps for ages!