• KMHamm

    Another example of the herd at work “self-thinning”…..

  • JonE

    [@Susanne] Yeah; it does seem like a millennial ago that my Mother gave me similar advice; she said it a bit differently and the Bible says it differently, but it means the same thing and it has served me well through the years, as well.

  • Susanne

    About 1000 years ago, my mother told me to never say anything ABOUT someone I wouldn’t say TO that person. Best advice she ever gave me, and the few times I’ve ignored it, I’ve regretted it.

  • jayesstee

    [@Ed] Trouble is, that if you fall out with one of your “friends” at a later date!
    Better never post anything, anywhere, that you are not happy with the whole world reading, because one day they may.

  • Ed

    Well that’s what you get for making such a stupid post on facebook with your boss and co workers on your friends list.
    Like someone else commented in another post ….. THINK before you press “send”

    Personally, I make it a habit to not adding my employer(s) or co workers as friends on any of my social network accounts , so , I can bitch all I want!

  • Mukhi

    bottomline: if you ever want to post something against your company or colleagues, never add them in your social network a/c, or if you do add, restrict them from reading the post through settings. Or better, don’t post something like that at all.

  • RealBull

    Wow, that is really dumb. Why do people need to vent their anger out on a public website(if you make it that way). That message should have only been to friends & family. Stupid.