Feedly has turned into one of the best Google Reader replacements, announces support for third party apps


When Google announced its plans to shutdown its popular RSS reader back in March, it wasn’t only the users scrambling for alternatives. Reader’s demise seemingly paved the way for other services to grow and others to make new ones. One of those services, Feedly, saw a massive influx of users — more than any other service. And now, it looks like Feedly will emerge as the true successor to Google Reader.

One of the early draws of Feedly to many users was the promise of a seamless transition. It worked similarly enough to Google’s service, and the team announced early on that they were working on a complete replacement for the Google Reader API call the Normandy project. This means that when other services or apps would have to shutter due to their reliance on Google for their backend, Feedly would theoretically keep trucking along.


In an official announcement today, Feedly made an announcement that makes them the no-brainer choice for those looking for Google Reader alternatives. They’ve been working with the developers of popular RSS reader apps like Reeder, gReader, Press and Newsify to power them with the Feedly API. So come July 1st, when Google Reader is no more, your favorite third party app will keep working like nothing ever happened. If you’ve moved over to Feedly of course.

They also announced features that should please current users like pure web access, the ability to search within Feedly and apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

So if you’re one of those still hunting for your Reader replacement, look no further. If Feedly’s interface or design somehow didn’t work for you before, you’ll be able to use one of the many third party apps instead. It’s a win-win.

[via Feedly]

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