Thunder scares the crap out of Yankees during baseball game with Red Sox [Video]


On Sunday night, the Yankees were playing the Red Sox in New York, in which they lost. But that’s not what this story is about. There was a major thunderstorm in New York during the game, and a shot of thunder spooked the Yankees. In fact, it spooked the Red Sox as well.


The game was originally scheduled for 8:05 ET, but it was delayed due to the thunder shower warnings. Both teams spent the most of the four hour game waiting out three different rain delays. In which, a giant crack of thunder made these grown men jump from their seats and take cover and hold on to each other for dear life.

You can check out the full one-minute video below or on MLB’s website.

[via MLB]

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  • Mary

    I saw that on the news last night! Heck, it even scared me just watching it, and I live in Florida where those boomers come often, and have a habit of scaring the crap out me. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but there’s those ones that just sneak up and sound like an explosion happening right next to you! I can feel for those players for sure! :)

  • jimx29