Apple’s new Mac Pro looks like a garbage can that is sold in Japan, becomes Amazon’s bestselling garbage can


When Apple announced its brand new redesigned Mac Pro, they made a pretty big deal out of its design. And understandably so, since it’s most likely unlike any other computer we’ve seen. But there are a few problems with its new cylindrical design — one of which is that it looks just like a trash can that’s being sold on Amazon Japan.

It’s called the Ideaco New Tubelor and surprisingly, it came out before the new Mac Pro was announced, all the way back in 2006. I say surprising because there will undoubtedly be a flurry of new products designed to look like the new Mac Pro, but are simply just making fun of it — poor Mac Pro.

By the way, just in case you couldn’t tell which one was the trash can in the image above, here it is:


According to Kotaku, Amazon Japan’s Twitter account even jokingly tweeted that the garbage can was not the Mac Pro. While probably meant to be a cute little joke, that tweet ended up getting retweeted thousands of times and now the Ideaco New Tubelor is Amazon Japan’s bestselling garbage can. Reviews on the garbage can’s product page even joke that it doesn’t support Thunderbolt 2.

I wouldn’t worry about people mixing up the two when the new Mac Pro is released later this year. I’m thinking there’s gonna be a slight price difference between the two.

[via Kotaku]

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