Here’s everything that Google is asked to censor by governments around the world


Google has been issuing its transparency report for quite some time now, making things like the number removal requests from copyright owners and user data requests from governments freely available for anyone to peruse online. But if you’ve wondered just how much Google is asked to censor around the world, you might have tried clicking around the website and given up in a matter of seconds — it’s a real chore.

Thankfully, Sebastian Sadowski has created this wonderful visualization of all of Google’s transparency data. By exploring the data through, you can see all the different countries where Google has been asked to censor content, the product where the content was located and the reason for the censor. Unsurprisingly, Google Web Search and YouTube make up the majority of removal requests. The United States also has the most number of removal requests for the period between July 2012 to December 2012.

Check out the visualization right here.

Found any interesting trends in Google’s transparency report? Share them with us in the comments below!

[via Gizmodo]

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  • Jake

    Why are the numbers different in the report in the lunk and the report shown in the picture?? Like, significantly different…

  • stilofilos

    Would also have been interesting to see the same ‘transparency’ about their activity (passivity ?) in prism and the likes… instead of creating needs for heroes to denounce malpractices.

    And about the abuse they make of people’s data (their own spyware, and the simple fact that they sell data to others for commerciel abuse) . Bu of course that’s no new trend.

    ‘Transparency’, yeah…

  • stilofilos

    I wonder what could be called an ‘interesting’ trend here… Polititians posing as guardians of religious or moral ‘values’… ? The things people call values to protect ? The fact itself that people find it normal to impose censure on other people ? and that other people find it normal to just abide and deprive the world of possibly important information ? The fact that so much energy goes into such infantile nonsense ?

    Also, this is far from being a complete picture of any trends : I was looking for a view on Thailand and China after all the tribulations of the last years there, but i don’t find them here. Of course, no need to ask Google, for countries who block complete websites themselves by the tenthousends…