Vermont, USA gets speedy gigabit internet — for as little as $48 a month


Vtel, a company based in the rural town of Springfield with a population slightly larger than 9000 persons, is offering gigabit internet to the residents of Vermont at a mouth watering rate of $29.95 or $39.95 per month. You are however required to purchase a landline service from them which pushes the total cost up to around $48 to $70 a month for an internet + landline combo. Throw in their TV service and this will set you back monthly by $95 — still rather affordable.

This amazing deal did not come about without help. According to an ArsTechnica report, Vtel received an $81 million stimulus grant as well as a $35 million loan from the federal government for the purposes of Internet and cellular service implementation.

Vtel offers unlimited data to customers according to ArsTechnica but they can throttle your service if you go overboard. During an interview ArsTechnica had with Michael Guité — Vtel CEO and owner — Guité stated the following:

“We’ve never declared anybody over their limit in the last 10 years.”

This deal almost sounds too good to be true. What would you do for that kind of speed?

[via ArsTechnica]

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