Is Apple testing offline voice dictation for iOS? [Rumor]


According to an iClarified report, Apple is reported to be toying with the idea of an offline iteration of voice dictation in their upcoming iOS 7.

Currently, Apple’s voice dictation is done using an app called Siri which depends on an internet connection to upload voice information after which appropriate speech is played back to the user also via an internet connection. What if this could be a thing of the past? Lines of code which were examined in the latest iOS7 beta builds certainly suggest that this may be the case. Taking the internet connection out of the equation would no doubt lead to faster conversions from voice to text.

What do you think of this latest revelation?

[via iClarified]

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  • Frank

    [@Oops] Grammar Nazi… To comment about a single missing letter? How rich your life has to be :)

    @William: It was ‘suggested’ a long time but after the latest and greatest NSA news I am more convinced than ever that your voice is recorded (and profiled). I never used online voice recognition, not Apples nor Googles. So for me it was great news if offline voice recognition came true.

  • Oops

    “Lines of code which were examined in the lates iOS7 beta builds”… I do believe, William, that your spell checker has run amok. “Lates” or “latest”?