Apple testing 13-inch iPad and larger iPhone, according to WSJ

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According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple is testing out a number of new screen sizes for the iPad and iPhone. The company has reportedly been asking its suppliers in Asia for a range of different screen sizes for testing prototypes.

Among those requested are smartphone screens that are larger than 4-inches (the current size of the iPhone and iPod touch), and 13-inch screens for a “tablet device.” Which basically means that if the report is true, Apple is toying around with the idea of a larger iPhone and even larger iPad, one with a screen that’s bigger than one of Apple’s own laptops. Observers are quick to note that Apple makes prototype devices all the time, so there’s no guarantee we’ll actually see a 4.7-inch iPhone or 13-inch iPad anytime soon. Or at all.

However, the report comes after numerous rumors since the beginning of the year that Apple has indeed been planning larger devices. It would also be in their best interest to serve other segments of the market, since trends have shown that larger screens are definitely in demand.

My take on it: 4.7-inch iPhone. Sure, especially if it looks like that concept in the image above by Martin Hajek.

13-inch iPad. Why even bother?

[via WSJiDB, image via Martin Hajek]

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