Angry Birds spin-off Bad Piggies is free on iOS for a week!


Apple’s free app of the week is Bad Piggies! Don’t worry, this isn’t more Angry Birds. While Bad Piggies is set in the same universe as our overexposed feathered friends, the Angry Birds spin-off is a very different game.

Instead of flinging birds from the side of the screen, you’re tasked with building crazy contraptions to help and guide the pigs. There are more than 60 levels in the main game and you can unlock 30 more puzzles if you can get three stars in every level — not an easy feat, I might add. Here’s a video of gameplay:

The game also received mostly positive reviews from the gaming press when it released late last year. So if you like what you see or even if you’re just curious to know if you’d enjoy it, there’s no harm in downloading it. IT’S FREE. Just make sure you pick it up in the next 7 days as it’s free for this week only! I know I’ll be giving it a shot.

You can download the iPhone and iPad-optimized version at the links below:

Bad Piggies for iPhone, iPod touch on Apple App Store

Bad Piggies for iPad HD on Apple App Store

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