Apple bans iOS game where you punish North Korean traitors by executing them


Apple has banned Joyful Executions, a game where you play as the commander of a North Korean firing squad.

The goal is to “process endless waves of various enemies of the state to keep the Divine Leader happy,” which basically means you execute defenseless “traitors” via firing squad. According to the studio, 8-Bit Underpants, it is intended to be “a parody game on North Korean propaganda for children and a satire on our willingness to accept morally questionable acts through gamification.”

A parody game, I can totally see and understand. But a game meant for children? Not so much. Just look at how ridiculously violent it can get:

Apple has banned the game for containing “excessively objectionable or crude content,” and has reportedly not given its developer advice on how he can alter the game to get it accepted into the App Store. The developer has instead created a much tamer version called Little Girls Training Edition that replaces the humans with dummies and the blood with urine. He has no plans of submitting the altered version to Apple and is instead making it available on Android sometime later this month.

Joyful Executions, however, is available right now on the Google Play Store for free.

[via Polygon]

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