Piksi RTK GPS unit is 100 times more accurate than your smartphone


Flying homebrew toy helicopters along with the ones you can purchase at a store is a popular pass time, however, it is not that fun when you realize it is impossible to fly these things to a certain distance. Attempt that and watch your copter take a nosedive into the ground. Then you’ll cry, and you’d wish you had the Piksi RTK GPS Receiver.

The Piksi RTK GPS Receiver is 100 times more powerful than the GPS found in your smartphone, that’s why the guys behind it are selling the device for $900. The Piksi uses algorithmic processing to measure your location and to increase accuracy and precision. The technology here isn’t the first of its type, others are out there, but they are professional grade equipments that could set you back thousands of dollars.

Possible Piksi use

• UAVs

• Amateur rocketry

• Autonomous cars

• Construction measurements

• Surveying

• Heading and attitude determination

• GPS education

• Reception of new constellations (Galileo, GLONASS, Compass, etc.)

• Geo-referencing of aerial photography

• Autonomous lawnmowers

If the $900 price-tag is too much for your pocket, you can get it for $500 while the Kickstarter project campaign is still active. Right now the project is fully funded and will come to an end in the next 26 days, so make your move and save $400.

[via Kickstarter]

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