LED Salt Meter measures sodium level in your food


We already know that sodium doesn’t do any good to our body but it is almost impossible to skip sodium in our diet. Every food we eat has at least a little bit of salt in it. Consuming high levels of salt could lead to high blood pressure, heart diseases and other health issues, yet many people don’t even care about it. So, what’s the least way to consume salt yet get the best taste out of it? Well, there is the handy LED Salt Meter to help you out with that matter.

Developed by Thanko from Japan, the handy salt meter measures salt level in your food. CNET wrote:

This portable salt content thermometer, as it were, works with soup broth and is geared to people who love dishes like ramen or udon noodles. It also works with curry and pasta sauce.

With this device, anyone can measure saltiness in their food. All you need to do is insert the device into “liquid or semi-liquid food with a temperature of about 140 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.” Powered by lithium batteries, the device displays salt levels on the LED display which scales from¬†0.3 to 2 percent. The only downside is that it doesn’t work on solid food or cold food. Still it is one of the ways to reduce sodium in your diet.

The handy salt meter is available for purchase on Raremonshop (link is given below) for $19.80.

[via CNET, Raremonshop]

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