Google reveals top 10 most weak and common passwords


Always remember your password strength is vital on the Internet, especially if you have sensitive information saved in your email account, social networks, or cloud storage. Recently Google did a study consisting of 2,000 people understand the procedures used to create passwords. At the end of the day, many users chose passwords that are so simple even a caveman could figure it out.

What’s even more interesting is how 48 percent of the 2,000 people shared their password with someone else. That’s a sure way of having your privacy being breached without your knowledge, so don’t you ever share your password with a third-party, not even your mother.

The top 10 weak and common passwords are as follows:

•Pet names

•A notable date, such as a wedding anniversary

•A family member’s birthday

•Your child’s name

•Another family member’s name

•Your birthplace

•A favorite holiday

•Something related to your favorite sports team

•The name of a significant other

•The word “Password”

Right this very moment, some poor guy is logging into Facebook using the word “Password” without a care in the world. Nevertheless, that’s OK, this guy will soon learn a vigorous lesson, one he will never forget in all his years to come and in his private moments.

Here’s our recommendation for a solid password, though we don’t always practice this method.

Make sure password length is at least 8 characters with numbers, capital and common letters all jumbled. In addition, never use the same password twice, every website you log into should have its own password.

If there’s a chance you might have problems remembering each and every password, how about giving LastPass a quick test drive? It stores your password in the cloud and can automatically log you into your favorite websites, though you’ll need to remember the master password. It comes in handy in many occasions; however, you never know for sure when some hacker will get a hold of LastPass information, so don’t rely on the service.

[via Techland]

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