URL Uncover checks if shortened links are safe


We usually click on shortened URLs without knowing if they are safe. For all you know, they can take you to websites full of malware that could potentially steal your personal information. As we told you several times before, you should always take extra steps when it comes to online privacy. There is a way to check if they are dangerous or safe to browse. Consider using URL Uncover next time you happened to click shortened URLs.

According to CNET, when you submit URLs to URL Uncover, it will give you ” a screenshot of the Web site, the lengthened link, any keywords associated with the page, and most importantly a virtual thumbs-up or -down indicating whether the site is safe.” (See the picture below.)


Perhaps, one of the best things about this website is that it is mobile friendly.Not only does it improve experience but also you can use the service “on a wide range of devices without issue.” Sure,  It is a little hassle to copy and paste links from Twitter or other apps but hey! it’s better to be safe than sorry!

[via CNET, URL Uncover]

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