Yahoo is now more popular than Google… at least in the US


According to a ComScore report, Google is no longer the top visited Internet property; apparently, the search giant lost its crown to Yahoo, which is probably a big surprise for some. We understand Google held the top position since April 2008, that’s 5 long years, so what could cause for the sudden decrease in traffic?

ComScore claims that as of July 2013, Yahoo sites topped the chart with 196,564,000 US visits while Google sites settled for second place with 192,251,000 US visits. If you think the reason behind Yahoo’s sudden upsurge is the purchase of Tumblr, you’d be wrong because ComScore still lists Tumblr as its own entity with 38,367,000 visits. However, Yahoo might have advertised some of its other properties on Tumblr, hence the upsurge in traffic, or Internet users are actually finding Yahoo worth using.

It isn’t clear how Yahoo fairs against Google worldwide.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer should classify this report as a success story as if it wasn’t for her bold thinking and actions, the company could have found itself in a terrible position going forward. Time will tell if Yahoo can keep the momentum going, or if it will fall to Google come 2014.

What Yahoo needs to do now is put more effort in its search engine to keep users around, along with launching new and exciting products similar to Google and Microsoft.


[via ComScore]

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