Yahoo is now more popular than Google… at least in the US


According to a ComScore report, Google is no longer the top visited Internet property; apparently, the search giant lost its crown to Yahoo, which is probably a big surprise for some. We understand Google held the top position since April 2008, that’s 5 long years, so what could cause for the sudden decrease in traffic?

ComScore claims that as of July 2013, Yahoo sites topped the chart with 196,564,000 US visits while Google sites settled for second place with 192,251,000 US visits. If you think the reason behind Yahoo’s sudden upsurge is the purchase of Tumblr, you’d be wrong because ComScore still lists Tumblr as its own entity with 38,367,000 visits. However, Yahoo might have advertised some of its other properties on Tumblr, hence the upsurge in traffic, or Internet users are actually finding Yahoo worth using.

It isn’t clear how Yahoo fairs against Google worldwide.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer should classify this report as a success story as if it wasn’t for her bold thinking and actions, the company could have found itself in a terrible position going forward. Time will tell if Yahoo can keep the momentum going, or if it will fall to Google come 2014.

What Yahoo needs to do now is put more effort in its search engine to keep users around, along with launching new and exciting products similar to Google and Microsoft.


[via ComScore]

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  • I suspect it might be a reaction to all the press about Google’s tracking habits. Thing is, I don’t believe Yahoo is any better of a service. I’m certain BING is worse though. (personal opinion, no data to back it up)

  • Ashraf

    [@Mike] It is Yahoo sites vs Google sites, which include their dot-coms. Searching via a bar in your browser counts towards Google.

  • crimsonsword

    If Marissa does pull Yahoo out of the dumps, She will be right there with Jeff Bezos

  • Yahoo is the default in Linux Mint. Maybe that explains it.
    It’s circuitous to install Google. They explain that Yahoo pays them (Mint), but Google doesn’t. Getting greedy, they are.

  • Mike

    I’m not quite sure what this really is comparing: is this a comparison of who goes to (and, perhaps, related sites) and If so, no big surprise, here: likely the majority of people do Google search engine searching through their browser address bar and not by going to itself. Google still gets the resulting advertising revenue, however.

  • Unamericanize Your Internet


    Use Ghostery browser plugin

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Yep, gone from my phone now, too. Someone gave the server a good whack and fixed it.

  • etim

    Now for that damned missing edit function…
    (hint hint pester pester ) ; )

  • kevbo

    [@Seamus McSeamus] [@etim] My are gone from my phone now (Thanks), but are still there and being blocked by my laptop browser.

  • etim

    Fixed? (They’re gone, anyway)That was quick! THANKS!!

  • etim

    The social media buttons are what I’m talking about. They are quite irritating to me–I have to scroll back and forth around them to read text.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I see them on my phone now, but they are new. And seriously annoying. They even show up in my AdBlocker web browser.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I load dotTech clean (ie: no add ons) and I don’t see any text obscuring buttons. I do see social media buttons floating on the left side of the screen, but they are non-intrusive. How about a screencap? I’m curious about what you’re seeing.

    As for Yahoo overtaking Google, it will be interesting to see if this is an anomaly or a trend.

  • kevbo

    Me too! They are blocked by default on my Opera browser on my laptop, but they are a huge nuisance on my phone’s browser as they really do take up a significant amount of screen estate.

  • etim

    How do I get rid of all those “share” and twitter, etc. buttons that have started appearing on the left of dottech pages? They’re blocking the text!

  • horseonovich

    I know what happened.

    It’s an invasive forced change made by some Microsoft Update (not sure which or exactly when, but within last three weeks or so) that altered all default searching in both my IE and Firefox from Google to Yahoo.

    Must have been done on a mass scale. It would easily account for the uptic for Yahoo. I had a heck of a time getting it to stop defaulting to Yahoo for basic searches using the URL field. In Firefox i had to go in to about:config and eliminate about ta dozen references to Yahoo. Only then did it stop doing that.

    I was livid at the time. Reprehensible, dirty, low-down schemers. Certainly this must be the reason.

    —Either that or Marissa’s refusal to let her employees work from home created so many improvements at Yahoo that the general public was simply impressed and switched allegiances. I make yoke! I make yoke!