Brooklyn rapper’s Instagram photos lead to biggest gun bust in New York City history


One of the stupidest things criminals do, other than leaving evidence behind, is brag about their crime to their friends or followers on the internet. While this is a stupid move by the criminals, this certainly helps the police with their investigations.

According to New York Daily News, Matthew Best, who goes by the name Neno Best, was arrested in the city’s biggest gun bust, “seizing more than 250 illegal firearms.” Police were tipped off about illegal weapon dealings after Best uploaded pictures of large amounts of money and guns to Instagram. He also bragged that he was selling guns outside of his recording studio. Currently, his Instagram account has been removed but luckily NYPD spotted it beforehand and sent out undercover detectives, who later discovered and arrested two more weapon runners who operate major weapons supply in the Carolinas.

New York Daily News wrote:

The biggest gun bust in city history netted more than 250 firearms, 19 arrests and a wiretap where a suspect says he fears stop-and-frisk, officials said Monday.

A lone undercover cop bought the weapons over the last year from two Southern weapons runners, leading to their arrest along with 17 accomplices, officials said Monday.

Raymond Kelly, NYPD commissioner, praised the undercover cop who did not appear at the press conference due to this identity, saying that discovering “more than 200 guns” by one detective is remarkable.

Below are some photos from Best’s Instagram. (Thanks to whoever saved them!)



[via BGR, New York Daily Times]

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  • JMJ

    [@JonE] Speaking of judge: How about the head of a SERIOUS international credit-card forger, whose regular Photoshop guy moved out of state, who came to a computer services/graphic design store owned by a retired judge, looking for someone to separate the PSD layers on templates for EVERY major (and many minor) credit card you can imagine? From New York to Florida more than FORTY ‘buyers’ are now doing SERIOUS Federal time.

  • JonE

    [@Seamus McSeamus] As “anonymail” say’s, “Stupid is as stupid does!”

    Some peoples kids!!!

    But, where would law enforcement be without stupid criminals and those that just can’t resist bragging and boasting to the world how tough they are. Tough? Maybe . . . . . . . Intelligent? Uhh . . . . . . . you be the judge.

  • JMJ

    [@Seamus McSeamus] Nope, you got it wrong, Buddy. It was on the back of his pay stub, either of which can’t beat the burglar who got stuck trying to enter a home… through its chimney! :-o When they found him he was severely dehydrated, in shock and near death.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Reminds me of a story I saw on the news years ago about some idiot who robbed a bank. He wrote his stick up note on the back of one of his personal checks. Yeah.

  • anonymail

    Stupid is as stupid does!