Hack lets you control a drone with Google Glass, and it looks awesome

glass drone

Who would have thought that in the year 2013, folks would have the ability to control a drone by just tilting their heads all over the place? A developer, who goes by the name Blaine Bublitz, hacked Google Glass to allow the ability of controlling a drone with just the motion movements of his head. Surprisingly, it worked, which makes you wonder what the future holds for wearable computer devices.

According to Blaine in a post on his blog, the only piece of hardware he needed to pull this off, was LeapMotion, Google Glass, and Shieldbots. From there on, he used the input devices to control the flying robotic vehicle, and to our surprise, the quadcopter raised off the ground like the Bat Plane.

We’re not certain of the distance the drone needs to be from the Google Glass device before it taps out. However, it would be splendid if the developer allows for GPS connection between the two along with a camera attached to the drone. This way, the pilot could have control of the drone over long distances without it tapping out or flying directly into a flock of birds flying south for the winter.

“With JavaScript, we are able to write a relatively small amount of code that can serve as a basis for swappable hardware components,” says Blaine.

“I was able to start with a LeapMotion and Shieldbot and end up using Google Glass and a NodeCopter with quite similar code,” he added.

“After such an amazing Nodebots Day, I have all sorts of ideas swimming around in my head for taking these types of interactions further!”

Before long, we bet the military have soldiers controlling drones with motion, and after that, with their minds.

[via Ice Blog]

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